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We Provide a Complete Grooming Service

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We provide a complete grooming service catering for most dog breeds

Boutique Grooming Service


Our aim is to ensure that your dog’s time at our Salon is as enjoyable and comfortable as possible

Our Groomers are all very experienced who take pride in their work and aim to ensure that you are happy with the results

Prices quoted are an estimate we will not rush dogs through, occasionally extra time is required due to coat condition or dogs behaviour.  A dog may require a break for a bit with a relaxing play time

We want your dog’s experience with us to be a happy and good experience

We only use the best quality washing and conditioning products and warm fresh water with every wash.  We do not crate dry dogs, all dogs are gently hand dried

For safety reasons we do not feed dogs in our care and we do not administer any medication.  All we provide is fresh clean water. We have an outside safe rest area to  allow dogs to have a toilet break  a stretch and a drink fully supervised as  health and safety is our first priority.

To ensure your dog spends minimum time at the Salon you will be advised of an approximate time for pick up. We will keep you updated via text of the pick-up time

Regular maintenance of your dog’s coat ensures that they remain comfortable and clean

Puppy introductory clip is very important with a simple clean up and introduction to the Salon environment with the sound of clippers dryers and being handled by strangers. Our groomers are very experienced in ensuring that your puppy has a comfortable and good experience.

If you need any advice on washing and brushing to maintain your dog’s coat in between visits please feel free to ask our staff who are always happy to help you our valued client

We aim to be the best. If in any way we can improve our service please tell us we will appreciate your feed back

AUSDOG Grooming Services

Warm Wash

Heat regulated


Double clip before and/or after bath


Removal of knots/tangles


Professional scissor and tidy


Removal of loose hair/undercoat


Face, eyes, belly, feet, rump

Turbo Dry

Heat regulated

Flea Treatment

Flea treatment

Ear Clean/Puck

On request

Pads Trimmed

Clip between pads

Privates Clipped

On request

Nails Trimmed

Fast, pain free

AUSDOG Training


Shop 2, 102 Fletcher Street,
Essendon, VIC 3040
Phone: 0422 066 816
Tuesday - Friday - 8:30am-5:30pm
1st Saturday of every month - 9:00am-4:00pm
Monday & Public Holidays - Closed